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Rosland Capital on Gold and Other Precious Metals

Rosland Gold Commentary – Take Comfort in the Long Term

Jan 04, 2017

By: Jeffrey Nichols Gold bulls, ourselves included, have suffered a disappointing year. Rather than ending 2016 on a strong note, the biggest surprise to many was the failure of gold to surge higher in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as the ne...

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Gold Still Set to Soar

Dec 15, 2016

Contrary to our expectations and nearly everyone else’s who pays attention to the price of gold, the yellow metal has, since Election Day, shed nearly 15 percent of its value in U.S. dollars. According to the pundits who pay attention to such matt...

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Gold – Does the Election Matter?

Nov 02, 2016

By Jeffrey Nichols Of course, elections matter. But regardless of who moves into the White House this coming January, gold prices are set to zoom in the years ahead – in my view, more than doubling during the next President’s term. What many Wes...

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Gold – The Latest Surprise

Oct 06, 2016

Gold has once again surprised. This time, news from “outside the market” set in motion a chain reaction that knocked gold for a loop. First, the British confirmed the country was withdrawing from the European Union . . . and sooner than most had e...

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The Lady Liberty Series from Rosland Capital, MTB and PAMP

Sep 23, 2016

Rosland Capital, through MTB and PAMP is excited to offer the Lady Liberty series. Three different design in this series were created to show the beautiful Statue of Liberty in gold coin form. The coins are sold exclusively by Rosland Capital and ca...

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Gold and the Interest Rate Disconnection

Sep 21, 2016

By: Jeffrey Nichols I don’t like to make short-term predictions about the price of gold – people who do are usually very lucky or very wrong. But the times are changing . . . and we are entering a new phase in gold-price action where expectation...

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