Rosland Capital Customer Reviews

At Rosland Capital, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality customer service. We work hard to educate our customers on the value of gold and help them understand how precious metals can help protect their wealth portfolio. Our experts strive to understand each customer’s unique situation so that we can help them feel confident in their choices. Our customers want and deserve good service, whether it’s from a small local gold dealer or a national seller like Rosland. As such, it is critically important to us that we build and continue to foster a relationship with all of our customers, as you’ll see in the reviews below - your wealth and security is that important to us.

Below, you'll see a selection of reviews from satisfied Rosland Capital customers, with links to many more on our Reach150 site. Naturally we're proud of these reviews, our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and our AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. However, no organization is perfect, and we take any complaints very seriously – if you have any issues you'd like to discuss, please email our Chief Compliance Officer at [email protected] and we'll do what we can to help.

Customer Reviews

Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho provides superior customer service and is known for her honesty, care, and concern for her clients.

Alton R. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

June 5, 2021

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the superior service that has been given to me by Heather Ho of Rosland Capital. She knows her area of service as well as anyone I have ever known. She follows through on every transaction and leaves nothing to chance. I've made multiple purchases from Heather both inside and outside my IRA and have been repeatedly impressed each and every time not only by her honesty but by her care and concern. To her supervisors I would say she is a tremendous asset to your company. Heather Ho is as phenomenal of a representative as they come and deserves any additional compensation you might give her. She would be an excellent supervisor in higher management. Thank you again Heather for the unparalleled guidance and customer service you've given me all these years.

Sr. Account Representative Nicole Hillebrandt was knowledgeable and easy to work with.

John R. recommends Sr. Account Representative Nicole Hillebrandt

June 3, 2021

Excellent overall experience! Nicole was knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Customer service above and beyond in explaining everything that I was interested in.

William T. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

May 27, 2021

Heather Ho has been an amazing representative of Rosland Capital LLC. She went above and beyond in explaining everything that I was interested in. She was able to answer all of my questions in depth. I definitely would recommend both Rosland Capital LLC and especially Heather Ho in all gold and silver investments.

Great people, great deals and great follow through.

Tom B. recommends Sr. Account Representatives Chase Greenich & Larissa LaGasse

May 27, 2021

I've been with Rosland Capital for a few years now. I deal with Chase Greenich & Larissa LaGasse exclusively. They have always taken care of me. Great people, great deals and great follow through. I get my metal when promised-no matter if it ships in 4 days or 4 weeks, I know what to expect up front. For me I will stick with Rosland thank you.

Knowledgeable customer service

Curt G. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

May 26, 2021

Very satisfied with Heather Ho knowledge of the product and also she kept me informed through the process of receiving it. Definitely will be calling her to purchase more.

Professional but very personable customer service.

Susie H. recommends Sr. Account Representative Daniel Castillo

May 18, 2021

Daniel Castillo answered my first call to purchase silver and gold. He was not just professional, BUT very personable and he walked me through the steps of purchasing and all the things I should consider before I did. He made a number of calls to walk me through and any questions I had, he answered promptly. I told him he would me my 'go-to-guy!' Since that time, I decided to purchase more and was strongly advised by my friends to consider another 'vendor.' Daniel is the reason why I decided against that and so I made another purchase through Daniel. Also, I appreciated the ease of purchase and the promptness of delivery. Altogether a pleasant and painless procedure. Thank you!!!

Good follow up on each phase of our precious metals transaction.

Cathleen W. recommends Sr. Account Representative Nicole Hillebrandt

May 14, 2021

Rosland Capital, and in particular Nicole Hillebrandt have lived up to their advertisements for excellent service. Ms. Hillebrandt was able to answer all my questions on our first contact and thoroughly explained how their process worked. She answered her phone each time I called, followed up on each phase of our transaction and ensured that I was totally satisfied. I would recommend Nicole Hillebrandt and Rosland Capital.

Professional and timely service.

M and Y Nowak N. recommends Sr. Account Representative Tannis Yamamoto

May 12, 2021

We have been very pleased with Tannis Yamamoto's service, especially when we signed up with Rosland. She helped us with our purchase and helped us understand the process. She does have many clients but is good about returning calls in a timely fashion. She is very professional, informative and upbeat to do business with. Five Stars!

A great introduction to a gold and silver supplier.

Lee R. recommends Sr. Account Representatives Sean Notaro and John Siewers

May 7, 2021

I could not have had a better introduction to a gold and silver supplier. Sean Notaro and John Siewers, Rosland Capital helped me get started investing in gold as part of my investment portfolio. They are professionals with a very creative personality. They guided me through investment scenarios, answered all my questions and treated me with respect. What more can you ask for? I would recommend Rosland Capital to anyone looking to invest in precious metals. Thank you Sean and John! Rosland Capital is fortunate to have you on their team.

Gold-backed IRAs at Rosland Capital.

Mara J. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

May 6, 2021

Rosland Capital has an MVP in Heather Ho and I would have never made it through rolling over my 401 plan without her! Her tireless efforts to go above and beyond to help me understand and buy Gold for the first time were priceless. She-fully understood my 401k plan and knew everything to help me get a portion rolled over into a tax saving IRA. She consistently answered my many calls and was the manager over all of my accurate sure transactions into the depository account. She has become someone I value for financial advice and as a trusted friend. I highly recommend HEATHER HO to everyone interested in buying precious metals or protecting their future retirement. Thanks so much to Rosland for hiring Heather, she is your best! Read more

Gold-backed IRAs at Rosland Capital.

Gary V. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

April 26, 2021

An incredible representative of Rosland Capital. Rosland Capital should be very proud to have an employee like Heather Ho representing them. Heather went above and beyond what most people would do to help me with my quest to diversify my retirement portfolio. She helped to facilitate several phone calls to my employer and union-operated 401k plan to get a portion rolled over into gold and silver. This was no easy task as it took jumping through several hoops to accomplish. Thank you Heather Ho and Rosland Capital! Read more

Buying Gold and Silver at Rosland Capital.

Paula H. recommends Sr. Account Representative Nicole Hillebrandt

April 23, 2021

Nicole was very good with me. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but knew I wanted to buy gold or silver. She explained the process and how it was done and answered any and all questionsI had. She kept in touch and let me know when something was happening. The only snag I has was FedEx and she helped me with that too.

First time gold buyers — Contact Rosland Capital.

Louis R. recommends Sr. Account Representatives John Siewers and Sean Notaro

April 27, 2021

Recently I decided to include some gold in my portfolio. I have to admit I have always been a fan of William Devane so I explored Rosland Capital to help me make my decision. I got in touch with John Siewers and Sean Notaro and they took me by the hand and walked me through the process. I can’t thank John and Sean enough for helping me.

Gold-backed IRAs at Rosland Capital.

Joseph P. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

April 22, 2021

I have placed and received three orders with Rosland Capital and Heather Ho. All transactions have been flawless. Heather Ho has gone above and beyond, exceeding my expectations each time.

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Edgar A. recommends Sr. Account Representative Chase Greenich

April 8, 2021

I would like to thank Mr. Chase Greenich. He made things really easy and communicated with me through this process. He listened to what I was looking for as a new customer and recommended what would be beneficial to me as a long term investor in my products. Thanks again sir for your help and assistance.

See our exciting selection of beautiful gold coins.

Mike A. recommends Sr. Account Representative Mike Ramson

March 25, 2021

Very responsive team and great customer service. I worked with Mike Ramson and he helped me through the process which was easier than I expected. Just finished with my second purchase and plan to make another one by the end of the quarter. Rosland Capital has definitely earned my business for the long term.

Help protect your nest egg with gold.

Sally L. recommends Sr. Account Representative Nicole Hillebrandt

March 17, 2021

I just received my second order from Rosland Capital today. I had the privilege to work with Nicole both times. She was lovely to work with, answered all my questions and worked a good deal for me. I am very happy with my purchase! Thank You!

Gold coins at Rosland Capital®

Phil M. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

March 16, 2021

I've worked with Heather Ho multiple times over the years. She is patient, always ready to answer my questions and address my concerns. Heather is articulate and thorough, willing to walk me through complex transactions or processes. She is knowledgeable, consistently offering sound counsel. Heather is passionate providing excellent customer service and she is infused with boundless energy as well. Most importantly, I can trust her. This is why I'm so fortunate to have her as my representative at Rosland Capital. Thanks Heather!

Gold and silver coins at Rosland Capital®

Will W. recommends Sr. Account Representative Micah Reed

March 3, 2021

Thanks Rosland Capital, I received everything I ordered and the your team was amazing through every step of the process. Your associate Micah Reed was a tremendous help in getting us all the information we needed to make our decision to purchase gold and silver coins. Thanks again for everything! Cheers!

gold bullion bar with gold coins

Lawrence R. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

November 25, 2020

I will always be thankful for the time and concern Heather showed to me in my gold buying process. This was my first time dealing in precious metals and as many have stated, I was so lucky Heather answered my call. She walked me through all my many questions and explained how buying gold could be the answer I was looking for in these uncertain times. She is so kind and giving with her time and truly has a connect with those she works with. Heather, you are one of the best and God threw away the mold when he created you. Your life knowledge is vast and we who you have helped are glad and proud to call you our Rosland Capital Representative!

gold coins stacked with currency

Perry & Debra P. recommend Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

November 13, 2020

My husband and I would like to thank Heather Ho for helping with our precious metal transactions. We had chosen Rosland Capital and were blessed when Heather answered our call. We are new to this type of transaction and Heather took the time to explain the history and the process of this purchase in terms that were easy to understand. She took the time to help us make an educated decision about our transaction. Heather guided us through all steps and was always available to answer all our questions. She made the process easy. She is always only a phone call away. We would recommend Heather to anyone considering this type of transaction especially if they are new to precious metals. We will definitely be calling her for our future purchases.

gold coins stacked with currency

Kenny W. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

October 25, 2020

I've dealt with Heather Ho at Rosland Capital on 3 different occasions. Each time, orders were decided as to whether I wanted gold and/or silver. On each occasion, as with this latest purchase, Heather was very meticulous in her recommendations no matter what combination of precious metals I requested. She provided impeccable service.

gold coins stacked with currency

Craig T. recommends Sr. Account Representative Chase Greenich

July 21, 2020

Whether you know everything there is to know about precious metals and the market, or just think you do, which was my case, Chase Greenich can handle either scenario with knowledge, tact, grace and a respect that leaves no one with their feelings hurt and the client eager to do business with Rosland Capital.

Chase will first educate you, making sure you fully understand everything that you may have any questions or concerns about and know every detail about your purchase. He will then put your package together and get it for you at the absolute best price possible.Chase will then get your order to you on the shortest possible timeline.

Chase Greenich leaves you with a sense of trust that you do not always get from every business deal that you are involved in.

So... call the experts at Rosland Capital for all your precious metals needs.
Ask for Chase Greenich, you will be glad you did.

stacks of silver eagle coins

James S. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

May 4, 2020

I recently became interested in gold and reached out to Rosland Capital for advice. I called the number and was truly fortunate to have had Heather answer on the other end. She was very kind and helpful beyond all expectations. Her knowledge and willingness to work with Client as small as I am was very special to me. Her follow up after the purchase was just as important to her as my understanding of the product and the sale. Start to finish she was there. I recommend the total experience of my first gold purchase. I will in the future call her as my guide on future purchases. Thanks again Heather!

Ronnie M. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

January 20, 2020

I'd like to say that Heather made my first time buying gold pretty doggone easy! Not only that, but she was extremely knowledgeable in the market and gave me great information on what to think about and what to consider before making a decision.

Thanks again Heather for your help and support in my gold buying decision.

Eileen G. recommends Sr. Account Representative Larissa LaGasse

Larissa was fantastic to work with. Our experience with her was gratifying. I found her to be very knowledgeable and very down to earth. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to convert or purchase. Rosland has a super asset in Larissa LaGasse.

stacked gold coins with chart

Ed F. recommends Sr. Account Representative John De Martino

Being a first time buyer it was refreshing to deal with a gentleman who took the time to explain the ins and outs of gold and silver. John DeMartino was patient and understanding throughout the process.

Brenda A. recommends Sr. Account Representative Micah Reed

I purchased a number of coins from Micah at Rosland Capital. I can't say enough positive things about Micah or about Rosland Capital. Micah was the consummate professional and answered all of my questions concerning coins that I was contemplating purchasing. I checked other companies prices for similar coins and found Rosland Capital's prices to be the lowest. After I selected the coins that I wanted to purchase they were immediately shipped to me. I would highly recommend Micah at Rosland Capital.

gold coins on display

Barbara K. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

Heather Ho was the most helpful and competent person that I have worked with in a long time. She is very knowledgeable yet friendly and helpful. I would work with her again in the future.

Jerry N. recommends Sr. Account Representative Chase Greenich

Whether you know everything about gold and silver, or nothing at all like myself Chase will fix it all for you. If you have questions he has answers.

Gold Stacked

Ronnie & Cathy S. recommend Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

We were very impressed with Heather Ho. Not only is she professional but she listened to what our needs were. She took the time at length to educate us with the product. Her knowledge and patience made us feel very comfortable without any pressure. We can't say enough good things about her. We recommend her highly. She is definitely an asset to Rosland Capital. We look forward to a life long relationship with her. Thank you again Heather for your service and expertise. Read more

Jack C. recommends Sr. Account Representative Chase Greenich

Chase Greenwich is a consummate professional with vast knowledge and experience in his product - he is also a very REAL person with an amazing personality.

I highly recommend him. Read more

stacked gold coins with pen and printed spreadsheet

Lydia W. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

Heather Ho was an extremely professional representative for Rosland Capital. We are pleased with the product and the service she provided. Read more

Sidney B. recommends Sr. Account Representative Micah Reed

Yes, I have become a believer. In the past years I have seen my saving account gaining nothing in interest. On a whim I called the Rosland Capital number seen on television. Micah was the individual that responded. I have become acquainted with Micah and have found him to be extremely responsive to my questions and has guided me in the purchase of gold and silver. He is one person that I have trusted 100% when he calls periodically with new products. I have been called by other organizations that sell similar products but don't like the hard-sell approach they all use. Micah is and shall be my go-to guy for many future purchases. My appreciation to Micah and to Rosland Capital for employing major individuals with the knowledge and experience of the precious metals market and has the personality and obvious demeanor to represent Rosland Capital. Read more

William S. recommends Sr. Account Representative Nicole Hillebrandt

As a first time precious metals buyer I had a lot of questions and Nicole Hillebrandt took the time to answer all of them patiently and knowledgeably. She steered me to some beautiful proof coins (gold and silver) that I am VERY pleased with. She has never failed to follow up on my purchases to ensure my satisfaction. By contrast, I have purchased from a competitor on line and have not had any personal contact with the company at all. I am very pleased with my experiences with Rosland Capital and will continue to use them in the future.

silver bullion eagle coins

Elizabeth P. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

I purchased precious metals from Heather back in 2015. Prior to that, I was very cautious, skeptical and asked many questions as I was not familiar in this arena. Heather is a wealth of knowledge and I was able to make an educated purchase. Fast forward to 2020 and I had some questions for Heather. I called her and we picked right up from where we left off 5 years ago. She answered my questions and more before I could even ask them. I find her fascinating to listen to because she knows so much in this area. I am very confident with what she has done for me. I highly recommend you call her with any questions or doubts and you will see how fabulous she and her services are. Thanks again Heather! Read more

The Murray Family recommends Sr. Account Representative Chase Greenich

Chase was very helpful at assisting with resolving any questions with the account, he provided essential information needed, and was quick to reply with his cheerful assistance

Thanks for all your help! Read more

gold kruggerand bullion

Al T. recommends Sr. Account Representative Lauren McCullen

Lauren is undoubtedly the best rep I have worked with in many years, she is knowledgeable and assists you in any way in her power. Thank you Lauren.

Geno R. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

If it were not for a well schooled, competent and client oriented company representative I would not deal in investments with any company or individual. In the case of Heather Ho who deals with me representing Rosland Capital, she more than represented all the above.

My thanks to her guidance during some difficult times. Read more

Brian recommends Sr. Account Representative Chase Greenich

Let start out with Chase is a "Professional". That being said he will go the extra mile for you without even being asked. He is very personable along with being highly intelligent.

For me it was turning in some precious metals to give me some hard currency. This was accomplished on short notice on my part. And without missing a beat, Chase just stepped up to the plate and hits a home run for me.

He's one of these guys that you wished you could do multiple different businesses with no matter what it may be. He also gives you the sense that what ever you may ask, you are recognized as part of the business at hand. That's a big plus in being a good salesman. And not trying to be high pressured into doing a purchase that your not ready to do.

I will continue to do business in the near future. Read more

Bright Gold Pieces

John C. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

Heather Ho, is by far the best and most complete salesperson that I have run into in a long time. She is extremely knowledgeable about precious metals. I have had some dealings, with some other precious metal dealers, and they don't even come close to the class or knowledge of Heather Ho. Read more

L. Elkington recommends Sr. Account Representative Chase Greenich

Chase Greenich was very professional in all our conversations.
He took time to make sure I fully understood all the phases and forms during the process of rolling over my IRA into metals.

I knew every step and exactly when my transition was complete. Read more

P. Coates recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

I had an old 401k with a former employer that was performing ok but would get the occasional letter from the custodian that sounded as if they may prefer that I rolled it over elsewhere. So I called Rosland as I wanted to diversify my retirement portfolio. To my good fortune I was connected with Heather Ho. I was immediately impressed by Heather's knowledge of precious metals and the market but especially her ability to explain it in terms I could understand. Read more

Gold and Silver

Thomas F. recommends Sr. Account Representative Micah Reed

I enjoyed dealing with Micah Reed. I have purchased coins from other companies and most reps try to move my selection of Gold and Silver to other, more profitable items and I immediately hang up and look for a rep that will help me with MY purchase. Read more

The Bakers recommend Sr. Account Representative Chase Greenich

We called Rosland Capital and were put in touch with Chase Greenich. He was very knowledgeable regarding all potential commodity investments and he remained open to all queries the entire transaction. He followed up on all communications thoroughly and never hesitated to explain in detail. We thank him for his professionalism. Read more

Grey Coins Stacked

David H. recommends Sr. Account Representative Heather Ho

I recently bought some coins through Rosland Capital's on line catalog. My next purchase will be through a consultant by phone and in particular Heather Ho. She was able to educate me on the finer nuances of precious metals, recommend the coins that made the most sense for my specific situation, and most importantly, provide me a LIVE personable representative with whom I can always contact and get an immediate or a timely response. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Rosland Capital legit and trustworthy?

Established in 2008, Rosland Capital has helped many thousands of customers seeking to protect their asset portfolios by acquiring gold and silver. Rosland has earned an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, reflecting the company's dedication to customer service. You can read customer reviews of our dedicated precious metals specialists on sites like Reach150.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Rosland also has affiliated offices in London, Hong Kong, and Munich, Germany. Rosland is proud to have forged relationships with well-known bodies including the British Museum, Formula 1®, the International Tennis Federation, and the PGA TOUR®, enabling Rosland to offer its customers unique coin collections under these exclusive multi-country licenses in addition to its other precious metals products.

How can I avoid scams when buying gold?

In the opinion of Rosland Capital, scams may arise in the context of grading. Grading is always somewhat subjective, but some companies will do their grading in-house or through one of the less reputable grading services. Others, as the FTC warns, create counterfeit grading documents or place lower grade coins in cases labeled with a higher grade. You’ll want to know that what you buy has been graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Service (NGC). Each coin they grade has a serial number so you check its authenticity, if you have any doubts, and they come in sonically-sealed, tamper-proof containers or "slabs."

Rosland Capital recommends doing your research to help avoid scams. The most important thing is to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company that is dedicated to customer service.

Always ask for a full written Customer Agreement. Rosland Capital will not consider you a customer, or process your order, till we have your signed Customer Agreement - neither side wants any uncertainty in an important transaction like the purchase of gold.

Be clear about any fees or commissions that you’ll be paying - different companies have different practices.

Make sure you get a the company’s return policy, and make sure you understand whether fees or commissions will be charged if you sell back to the company you’re buying from.

If you’re not taking delivery of your precious metals, with an IRA transaction for example, make sure you know the arrangements for custodianship of the metals.

Research spot prices and wholesale prices. As an individual buyer you won’t be paying either spot or wholesale prices - that’s how dealers make a living - but they’re a useful point of reference.

You’ll want to understand whether you’re buying bullion, whose value is driven by its metal content, or "numismatic" coins that, as the FTC puts it, "have a market value that exceeds their face value or their metal content".

Consider the tax implications of what you’re doing. Coin sellers are not typically able to give tax advice, so make sure you understand the issues.

What to look for in a good precious metals firm?

You will want to find a firm that has a good track record and accreditations from reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance. Look for a gold firm that has been in business for a solid amount of time. Be wary of “start-up” precious metals companies. These are not always easy to spot; however, you can find information on the website that will give you insight into how long they have been in business and the types of information they can provide. In addition, look for a firm that cares about keeping you informed by offering an information-based website that reflects their understanding of what you will need to know as a purchaser of gold.

Where does Rosland Capital store precious metals?

Rosland Capital does not store precious metals. Many Rosland customers choose home delivery of their purchases, but some nominate secure facilities of their own choosing to which Rosland can arrange delivery. A frequent choice is the Delaware Depository, also referred to as DDSC, which describes itself as "the largest precious metals depository located outside New York City”. Home storage is not an option for precious metals held in an IRA.

Can I own physical gold with Rosland Capital?

Yes. Rosland only deals with physical gold, not ETFs or other digital formats. The gold Rosland sells is delivered to customers, or if customers prefer, sent to a secure storage facility. In the case of gold or other precious metals sold for inclusion in precious metal IRAs, these are all held for customers at secured facilities.

Does Rosland Capital give updates on my gold or precious metal investments?

We feel it's important to clearly state that Rosland does not provide investment advice or tax advice. Rosland sells physical precious metals to its customers. Those customers have a designated sales representative who takes care of their precious metals needs. The representative is available to discuss present values and their relationship to historical prices. Any customer needing help with this is welcome to contact Rosland by emailing [email protected].