Marin Aleksov

Marin Aleksov In 2008 Marin Aleksov founded Rosland Capital – recognized today as one of the premier precious metal asset firms in the United States. Marin now serves as CEO of the company and guides the development and expansion of Rosland Capital's activities, while remaining closely involved in ensuring customers' needs are met and exceeded.

Rosland Capital currently employs about 50 people and strives to educate consumers on the benefits of buying precious metals to contribute to their total net wealth.

Marin has said, "Historically, when Washington implements policies that cause the dollar to decline, these same actions tend to increase the value of gold. This is why many use gold as a hedge against inflation and for wealth preservation."

Given his knowledge and experience of the value of buying gold, Marin has been a source for a variety of media outlets reporting on the benefits of this kind of diversification. Marin Aleksov has been featured extensively as a guest on radio shows hosted by leading national commentators.