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Gold: Think Long-Term

Feb 26, 2015

The latest from Jeffrey Nichols, Senior Economic Advisor to Rosland Capital -

Although I expect gold prices to rise sharply by the end of the year, possibly even testing gold’s all-time high near $1,924 an ounce, I’m the first to admit that short-term forecasts are highly uncertain.

I’m much more confident about the long-term prospects for gold. Indeed, looking out towards the end of the decade and beyond, I believe the metal’s price will rise to a multiple of the currently prevailing price.

As the Indian and Chinese economies continue to expand, creating new wealth and growing middle classes, demand for gold in these and neighboring countries will surely expand. At the same time, official demand from a growing number of central banks will also continue to grow as central bank reserve managers look for alternatives to the U.S. dollar and the much-tarnished euro.

As physical demand for gold rises, would-be buyers will find that much of the world’s above-ground inventories are in very strong hands, available to the market only at much higher prices.

Meanwhile, in the days, weeks, and months immediately ahead, gold remains susceptible to U.S. dollar prospects and U.S. interest-rate expectations.

In any event, the markets will keep an eye on the flow of U.S. economic indicators. Hints of a stronger recovery would raise expectations that the Fed will switch gears sooner than later – and could lead to a further near-term appreciation of the greenback.

Alternatively, it is quite possible that the economic news will disappoint those predicting a robust economy – raising expectations of longer-lasting reflationary monetary policies and prompting an earlier recovery in the price of gold.

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About Jeffrey Nichols

Jeffrey Nichols, Managing Director of American Precious Metals Advisors and Senior Economic Advisor to Rosland Capital, has been a leading precious metals economist for over 25 years. His clients have included central banks, mining companies, national mints, investment funds, trading firms, jewelry manufacturers and others with an interest in precious metals markets.