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April 2022 News Digest

Apr 21, 2022
  • A rare Queen Elizabeth I coin was recently sold at an auction in Germany for the highest price ever in the country.

  • Rosland CEO Marin Aleksov discusses more of the most valuable gold and silver coins sold at auction.

  • Did you know that Rosland has an exclusive specialty collection of Formula 1® coins?

  • If you’re exploring the world of coins, it’s important to understand the difference between bullion and numismatic coins. Marin Aleksov breaks it down.

  • Officials recovered thousands of cultural goods in a global crackdown, including Roman Coins.

  • Gold prices can be a little complicated. Learn how to research gold spot prices.

  • A rare Irish penny from 1927 recently appeared in a London Auction.

  • Ancient Greek kingdom Paeonia was known for being rich in resources, including gold and silver which were minted into beautiful coins traded throughout the region. The Athenian owl featured on these ancient Greek coins is one of the most famous coins from antiquity.

  • A 2,000-year old gold coin celebrating the death of Julius Caesar is expected to sell at auction for $2 million.

  • Coins hold value beyond the value of the metal with which they’re minted. Historians and archeologists routinely lean on ancient coins to understand ancient cultures, trade routes, and politics.

  • With bitcoin and cryptocurrencies growing in popularity, the gold vs. bitcoin debate rages on. Marin Aleksov covers the key differences between these unique assets.

  • Gold ingots that were recovered from an 18th-century shipwreck were recently returned to France.

  • Rosland Capital continues to expand their exclusive British Museum collection with the introduction of a new 1.5 oz Lewis Chess piece.

  • The half-cent is the smallest denomination ever produced by the U.S. Mint. Meet the Braided Hair half cent from 1957.

  • Ever wonder how gold is mined? Marin Aleksov covers the three main ways we get gold.

  • The Ancient Lydians of Egypt were the first to create coins as an exchange of payment. Learn about these beautiful and unique gold coins.