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September 2023 News Digest

Sep 08, 2023
  • The Coin of the Year competition recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. The latest winners included astronomy-centric designs from Austria, among many other tough competitors.

  • The inaugural International Money Exposition (IMEX) will be held in Nashville on October 27-28. CAC Grading announced that it will be accepting show submissions.

  • The latest winner of the Coin of the Year in the Most Innovative category is the Canadian Ghost Ship 5 oz. silver coin from the Royal Canadian Mint.

  • Metal detectorists in Wales discovered 2000-year-old coins, artifacts from the Iron Age.

  • Rosland CEO Marin Aleksov discusses the history of the Gold Standard, along with its potential advantages and pitfalls.

  • Andrew Johnson is the latest U.S. President to be recognized by the U.S. Mint’s ongoing series of presidential metals with a new 1 oz silver medal.

  • The UK’s Royal Mint has released a special 50p coin honoring King Charles III’s coronation. These coins entered circulation after August 10.

  • In honor of the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party coming up this December, the East India Company has commissioned gold and silver coins.

  • The London Bullion Market Association, a group that governs the quality of gold and silver bars, defines “good delivery” in order to ensure that bullion bars are created with a standardized high quality. Rosland’s gold bars exceed the “good delivery” fineness specifications. Learn more about what to look for when researching gold prices.

  • Detectorists in England recently discovered two different antique coins, separated by 1500 years, in the same farmer’s field.

  • Rosland has released several new coins in 2023, including partnerships with the PGA TOUR, International Tennis Federation, and the British Museum.

  • Formula 1® legend Michael Schumacher inspired many of Rosland’s officially licensed F1® products.

  • Coins struck with errors are considered especially desirable to rare coin collectors. Errors include overdate coins, double denominations, incorrect imagery, and obverse and reverse images not intended to be struck together.

  • 250 years ago, Captain James Cook made history by becoming the first to travel across the Antarctic Circle. The island nation of Niue has created a silver and a gold coin to commemorate this achievement.

  • When creating new paper currency in the 13 colonies, Benjamin Franklin led the effort to fight counterfeiters by experimenting with papers and printing techniques.

  • Scientists have recently discovered that certain precious metals can “heal” themselves, fixing nanoscale cracks on their own.