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July 2021 News Digest

Jul 02, 2021
  • Scholarships are now available for the Coin University program in San Francisco.

  • A 1730 Mexico City-struck cob 8 reales Royal sold for $102,000.

  • Along with lithium, nickel and cobalt, platinum is specifically mentioned in the China State Council’s New Energy Vehicle Industrial Development Plan (2021-2035).

  • Krugerrand gold coins are among the rare coins valued at approximately $5,000 that Ronnie Baugh reported stolen in a dispute with the bank housing his trust fund.

  • A platinum mine in Siberia is set to receive $7.8 billion in financing from Russian banks.

  • Precious metals expert Lawrie Williams examines the pivotal factors that may weigh on gold’s market performance through the remainder of 2021.

  • Some US coin prices have soared due to recent changes in supply and demand.

  • In June, the only 1933 Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle that is legal to be owned by a private party was sold for $18.87 million.

  • Enduro Metals discovered palladium in a Burgundy 72-foot drill core.

  • Ancient coins discovered by a Florida State University team are now on display in an Italian exhibition.

  • Jeff Garrett of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation makes the case for considering Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles as a prime-candidate starter coin.

  • In this blog article, Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov looks at a few of the many uses of platinum.

  • Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov discusses five of the most popular precious metal mints and brands to consider when you’re in the market for premium and bullion coins and bars.