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Rosland Capital Releases New Wave of Advertisements

Sep 03, 2014

Rosland Capital takes on a lighter tone in a new wave of US gold and silver advertisements starring spokesperson William Devane, which release today, Sept. 2, timed to Labor Day weekend. America’s favorite Commander-In-Chief gets in touch with his humorous side in his fifth round of TV ads with the company, as he shows off his golf swing and purchases a $10 glass of lemonade – from an 8-year-old, no less, in a witty exchange pertaining to inflation. Rosland Capital is also launching a full ad devoted to a slate of silver offerings – including coins, bars and full bags – in light of the entry metal’s affordability and proven track record for thousands of years. The Rosland Capital spots were shot in Los Angeles, Calif. by InterMedia Advertising Inc.

To view the spots, visit Rosland's YouTube page.

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