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June News Digest

Jul 15, 2020

Here is our June News Digest to help keep you well informed about current events and topics going on around the world and at Rosland Capital.

  • The relics and artifacts uncovered throughout the centuries have provided an immense knowledge base about how our ancient ancestors lived, what they believed in, and what skills they had. The discovery of the four cone-shaped golden hats from the Bronze age is one that challenges our understanding of ancient societies. Read more.
  • Bitcoin Suisse, a Swiss cryptocurrency firm, recently introduced precious metal trading against top cryptocurrencies. They have added gold, silver, and platinum onto their platform for trading against major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. Read more.
  • A rare Roman coin that was found in 1973 in Colchester is being put up for sale. Read more.
  • After two-pronged gold forks were named as the devilish culprit behind the untimely plague death of the Byzantine emperor’s niece in 1007, the use of forks was abandoned in Europe for nearly 400 years. Learn more about this and nine other unusual facts about everyday household items here:
  • What could the future hold for palladium demand in the marketplace? Read Barron's’ analysis here.
  • Learn more about palladium's current demand and what the future could hold for it.
  • Forrest Fenn's treasure chest full of gold, jewels and other valuables worth more than $1m is said to have been found in the Rocky Mountains. Read more.
  • Rare Roman coin that was found 1973 has sold for over £4,000 in a live online auction. Read more.
  • A recently discovered S.S officer's diary reveals a total of 11 secret locations of WWll treasure worth billions. Read more.
  • Underwater drones are being used by deep-sea miners to help in the hunt for untapped sources of gold, cobal, and other precious metals trapped on oceans' floor. Read more.
  • Two new "Back to the Future" silver bullion coins are back on for Niue. Learn more.
  • The ancient submerged church in Lake Iznik, Turkey can be clearly seen for the first time due to the coronavirus lockdown that resulted in less water pollution. From the ruins, researchers have recovered a number of ancient coins and artifacts. Read more.
  • A metal detectorist strikes gold when he discovers a one-in-a-million medieval 14th century "gold noble" coin. Read more.
  • Coronavirus creates boom for an Australian coin and stamp dealer who recently sold a rare coin worth $60,000. Read more.
  • Forrest Fenn proves that his treasure had in fact been discovered by posting a number of pictures of himself sorting through the contents of the bronze chest. Read more.
  • Read more about the Philanthropic Initiatives of Rosland Capital since the company was founded in 2008.