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June 2021 News Digest

Jun 04, 2021
  • Researchers developed a new catalyst that could significantly reduce energy usage in a variety of industrial and pharmaceutical processes.

  • The Royal Mint has unveiled a 10kg solid gold masterwork, the largest coin in its history, to celebrate the end of its Queen's Beasts collection.

  • Find out more about Palladium and its significance in our current global economy.

  • A 1792 silver half dime, an example of the first coin struck at the Philadelphia Mint, was reportedly found by a collector looking in a junk box for foreign silver coins, which has an estimated worth of over $10,000.

  • United States Mint Director, David Ryder, provided an update on recent Mint activities and sales trends.

  • What to expect from the effects of inflation and how that plays a role in the prices of gold and silver.

  • Read more about Rosland’s recent donation of a 1-kilo gold coin to benefit children’s charity.

  • Learn about the latest expansion project at Platinum Group Metals (PGM), which plans on recycling precious metals from spent catalysts.

  • See which coins are going to be at auctions at the Stack’s Bowers Galleries this June!

  • Specialist materials firm Johnson Matthey said that the global palladium and rhodium markets will be undersupplied again in 2021.

  • The United States Mint re-opened sales on May 2nd for the Uncirculated 2020-W American Eagle palladium $25 coin, and there’s no household limit.

  • Explore the differences and the similarities of bullion coins and numismatic coins in the latest blog article by Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov.