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March 2024 News Digest

Mar 27, 2024
  • The 1976 “Liberty Cap” half cent is one of America’s truly rare coins with a remarkable and unique design.

  • A new program to celebrate the 13 states of the Central States Numismatic Society will be launched this year, starting with a coin dedicated to Iowa.

  • Considering buying gold for the first time? Check out Rosland’s “First-Time Gold Buyers’ Mistakes” page to get started.

  • Many numismatists collect trial strikes – coins struck as an experiment, often with unique minting errors.

  • A rare Celtic coin, recently sold at auction for double its guide price, will be donated to a local museum by its buyer.

  • Coins can vary widely in size, with the larger coins often considered the most popular. However, many “tiny” coins have been produced throughout the world and over time that would make excellent collection pieces.

  • The largest legal-tender coin in the world is the Australian One Tonne Gold Coin, with a face value of AU$1 million and weighing 2,200 pounds – or roughly the weight of 11 real kangaroos.

  • Rosland has collaborated with a number of sports organizations, like the PGA Tour and International Tennis Federation. Follow our sports Instagram for more information and the latest from these unique collections.

  • 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and mints everywhere have been celebrating with unique coin designs.

  • An uncommon mint error that many collectors are on the lookout for is called “rotated alignment”, where the dies were rotated in variance to the standard orientation.