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November News Digest

Dec 23, 2020

Here is our November News Digest to help keep you well informed about current events and topics around the world and at Rosland Capital.

  • A rare, 2,000-year-old Roman gold coin commemorating the assassination of Julius Caesar recently surfaced. It is one of only three known to exist, and it could be worth millions of dollars. Read more.
  • Read more about some of the most valuable treasures and precious metal artifacts that have been found. From buried hoards filled with gold coins to authentic Viking treasures, every find holds more secrets than many realize.
  • A 2,000 year old Iron Age coin depicting Britain’s first ever freedom fighter is set to become one of the most expensive coins ever sold, anticipating to sell for up to £30,000. Read more.
  • An intricate ceremonial helmet was discovered at the Anglo-Saxon burial site, Sutton Hoo, and is also a widely revered historical artifact featured in Rosland Capital’s exclusive coin collection made in conjunction with the British Museum. Learn more about the history of Sutton Hoo, and its discovery.
  • Read more about how a Denver-based gold mining company, Newmont Corp, is fighting COVID-19 around the globe by spending $32 million on pandemic prevention initiative.
  • A small pottery jar containing four 1,000-year-old gold coins were discovered in Jerusalem during a recent archaeological excavation conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority. Read more.
  • Read more about how hidden hoards and buried treasures troves are still being discovered today. Learn about how these discoveries still occur and how they help advance knowledge of local history in priceless ways.
  • NASA has been paying close attention of the asteroid, Bennu in recent years and believes it is likely to be rich in gold and platinum compared to the average crust on Earth. Read more about Bennu.
  • The lost Egyptian port city of Thonis Heracleion was submerged underwater for nearly 1,000 years before being discovered. Read more about what maritime archeologist, Franck Goddio, and his team discovered from remarkable artifacts to a number of gold and bronze Byzantine-era coins.
  • Gold has rallied more than 20% this year. Read more about why Goldman Sachs predicts the bull market for gold will hold steady in 2021.
  • Read more about the story of mushroom foragers who have discovered treasures like a Bronze Age sword and axe that was found while mushroom picking after a rain storm that helped uncover them.
  • New documentary, “Secrets of the dead: Gangster’s Gold” suggests that the lost treasure box of legendary gangster, Dutch Schultz, is hidden somewhere in an Upstate New York town. Read more.
  • Read more about a rare 22-year-old copper penny that was discovered on a metal detector trip to Maine.
  • Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced buyer, it is great to know these five tips for success when buying gold from a precious metals firm. Learn more.
  • America is a land full of dreams and treasures. Look through a gallery of all the incredible treasures that were discovered in every state!