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Rosland Capital and InterMedia Advertising Unveil Latest Campaign Featuring William Devane in US and First-Ever UK Market Spots

Sep 03, 2015

Rosland Capital has wrapped its latest television campaign with gold-standard spokesman, William Devane. The ever-popular campaign, created and produced by InterMedia Advertising, will unveil all-new spots for the United States market this fall, and for the first time, will debut commercials produced for the UK market, created by London’s WPNChameleon.

The new ad spots showcase Devane in various distinguished settings including a grand, columned building near the University of Southern California campus, the Calabasas Country Club and a fine private home in Pasadena. It was at the latter location that four commercials were shot in one day - a record for this campaign, and a testament to Mr. Devane’s professionalism, as well as the filming crew’s fortitude.

While the campaign for the U.S. market focuses on saving for retirement with a gold and silver IRA from Rosland Capital, the UK campaign focuses on the British edition of “The Rosland Capital Guide to Gold,” an educational resource co-authored by the company’s CEO, Marin Aleksov. The Guide is especially welcomed in the UK market where buying gold coins is a less familiar practice.

Mr. Devane commented, "I have spent a great deal of time in Great Britain these past few years shooting 24, and while there I made many wonderful friends. I'm delighted to continue to be the face of Rosland in the U.S., as well as over there in Britain."

Besides playing the all-important role of the U.S. president in the Fox television series 24, Devane is known for his roles in Knot's Landing, his portrayal of JFK in the acclaimed TV movie Missiles of October, and a recurring role in the Jesse Stone films on CBS that also starred Tom Selleck. He has also been featured in the critically acclaimed film Interstellar.

You can view the new spots on Rosland Capital’s YouTube channel.

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