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August News Digest

Sep 17, 2020

Here is our August News Digest to help keep you well informed about current events and topics going on around the world and at Rosland Capital.

  • A previously unknown Viking trading post in northern Norway was discovered by a graduate archaeology student using a metal detector. The student found a number of rare artifacts including coins, pieces of silver, and jewelry. Read more.
  • Gold broke above $2000 for the first time on record at the end of July, making it the best month since 2016. Read more.
  • A hoard of silver civil war era coins was discovered by a metal detectorist in a field owned by his local pub. The coins are estimated to be worth at least £100,000 and date back hundreds of years to the English Civil War. Read more.
  • Not all treasures that are found can be kept. Read more to learn what happens to hidden treasures that are discovered.
  • A lucky Australian woman found a rare 1901 Gold Sovereign coin that is estimated to be worth over $1000. Read more about her small fortune discovery.
  • With gold's remarkable performance in recent weeks, some in the market fear a correction. However, some experts are speculating that the price rally is going to continue in the near future. Read more about Reuters' analysis.
  • A recent discovery at the bottom of Lake Titicaca in Peru sheds light on Incan religious practices. Read more about what archaeologists have learned from the discovery of a stone box that contained a rolled gold sheet and an oyster shell figurine of a llama.
  • Barrick Gold surged 12% after Warren Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, purchased a stake in Barrick Gold. Read more.
  • Rosland CEO Marin Aleksov discusses the Federal Reserve and gold positive signals in his recent blog post. Read more about the Federal Reserve's efforts to address the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and how the recent performance of the gold market compares.
  • An amateur treasure hunter finds an impressive hoard of Bronze Age artifacts in Scotland. His discovery included jewelry and a 3,000-year-old sword. Read more.
  • The recent discovery of Polish and Hungarian coins in a 1600-year-old settlement points to evidence of an ancient pub in Central Europe. Read more.
  • A trove of early Islamic gold coins was found near the central city of Yavne by a group of young volunteers. The treasure included 425 Islamic gold coins that dated back to over a thousand years to the Abbasid period. Read more.
  • Listen to the Connecticut Public Radio's Colin McEnroe discuss why there is a shortage of coins during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Thousands of rare artifacts were discovered beneath the attic floorboards of a Tudor manor in England, including fragments of a gold leaf-adorned piece of parchment that may point toward a secret Catholic service. Read more about the discovery.