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July 2022 News Digest

Jul 21, 2022
  • American Eagle gold coins are some of the most popular coins amongst people looking to purchase gold.
  • There are several causes of inflation, which may diminish your purchasing power.
  • Gold has historically served as currency and as a potential means to help in protecting one’s assets – but its price is subject to fluctuation. Rosland Capital breaks down some of the factors that contribute to changes in gold’s value.
  • Ancient gold coins thought to be linked to the Roman Empire were discovered by detectorists in a newly plowed field in the UK.
  • A Norwegian jewelry collector was surprised to find a gold ring dating back to the Viking Age in a pile of costume jewelry purchased at auction.
  • These 19th century coins are a relic from the Australian gold rush, when population booms in Victoria required local merchants to mint their own coins to keep up with demand.
  • The first national coinage of Scotland came as King David I captured an English town with a silver mine and mint. Subsequent medieval Scottish kings also had coins minted with their own seal and likeness.
  • One of the smallest coins ever made in Britain, a “sceat”, was recently discovered by a local detectorist and has been acquired by the Leeds City Museum.
  • The rare and valuable Double Rose Noble of Kampden gold coin is often considered the largest and most beautiful Dutch medieval hammered gold coin – and it was just acquired by an American coin collection via auction.
  • The wreck of the San Jose is one of three newly discovered shipwrecks off the coast of Colombia, and it contains a trove of Spanish colonial gold coins and treasure.
  • The Yale University Art Gallery recently opened the Bela Lyon Pratt Gallery of Numismatics, which showcases more than 120,000 historical coins, medals, and paper money.