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November 2023 News Digest

Nov 15, 2023
  • Get to know common terms and phrases of the precious metals in this blog from Rosland CEO Marin Aleksov.

  • This month, the world’s top national teams participated in the 2023 Billie Jean King Cup, with Canada emerging as the champions.We’re proud to offer gold and silver coins that honor the Billie Jean Cup.

  • A 1904 Barber quarter dollar featuring President Theodore Roosevelt set a new sale record for a non-gold pop-out coin in a recent auction.

  • Two collections of coins found by detectorists in North Wales in 2018 were revealed to be Roman coins dating as far back as 32 B.C.

  • U.S. coins have three sides: the obverse, reverse, end edge. Learn more about the edge’s role in determining a coin’s desirability.

  • In recognition of King Charles’ love of nature, the Royal Mint has released a series of new coins that feature a range of plants and animals of the U.K.

  • Rosland is proud to announce a brand new, 2023-issue silver kilo coin to its Formula 1® collection, featuring all the champions from 1950 to 2022.

  • Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum is host to a large collection of numismatic and ancient coins in addition to art, cultural artifacts, and natural history specimens.

  • CoinWeek recently featured a deep dive on the U.S. 1970 Roosevelt Dime, including details on its backstory and the current market for it.

  • Archaeologists on site in Norway recently unearthed a small gold foil piece, thinner than a piece of paper and smaller than a fingernail, featuring gods from the Norse pantheon and dating back 1400 years.

  • The Royal Mint has recently released the complete gold versions, in addition to the 1-oz silver edition, of the 2024 Briannia bullion coins.

  • Rosland is proud to support the El Nido Family Centers, who recently celebrated their Annual Fundraising Gala in Los Angeles.