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May 2022 News Digest

May 23, 2022
  • A recent coin auction generated record-breaking prices for ancient coins. The auctioned coins were part of four collections: MONEY OF THE CELTS - The Flesche Collection, Greek Coinage, Coins of the Roman Republic, and Coins of the Imperial Period.

  • In celebration of the PGA TOUR, Rosland Capital highlights its exclusive licensed coin featuring American golf icon Arnold Palmer.

  • An amateur archaeologist and detectorist recently discovered a clay pot with over 1200 coins from the Roman Empire in a Swiss forest. This discovery is notable because it will help archaeologists better understand how money was used and circulated during the reign of Constantine the Great.

  • Ancient Greek coins often have representations of the gods of mythology. Many Greek cities minted coins featuring more obscure divinities that were associated with the specific city’s history, mythology, or geography.

  • Gold and silver bullion coins have increased in popularity over the last 30 years. More recently, the bullion coin market has also seen expansion in demand for platinum and palladium bullion coins.

  • Formula 1 hosted its first Miami Grand Prix on Sunday May 8, 2022. Rosland Capital expanded its exclusive, licensed F1 collection to include a ¼ oz gold coin commemorating this historic event.

  • As inflation continues to increase and Americans wrestle with economic volatility, many are turning to gold as a way to potentially help protect their assets.

  • The Republic of Ghana has released another silver bullion coin as part of its “Giants of the Ice Age” series, this one featuring a Holarctic deer.

  • Although economists have long seen correlations between gold prices and interest rates, the price of gold may actually be influenced by several factors. Rosland CEO Marin Aleksov discusses the relationship between interest rate fluctuations and gold in his latest blog.

  • Did you know that the first circulating gold coins were made from electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver? The coins are from the ancient region of Ionia and the meaning of their unique design is still a mystery to historians.

  • The United States Mint recently celebrated its 230th anniversary after its creation with the Coinage Act of 1792.