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September News Digest

Oct 21, 2020

Here is our September News Digest to help keep you well informed about current events and topics going on around the world and at Rosland Capital.

  • An 18th century Spanish shipwreck that was discovered in the Caribbean Sea is now being referred to as the “holy grail of shipwrecks” that contained over $17 billion worth of gold, silver, emeralds, and other valuable cargo. Read more about the holy grail treasure.
  • A rare 200-year-old coin was unearthed in central Auckland by a metal detecting hobbyist. Read more about the silver sixpence of King George lll that was found.
  • USA Today analyzes the long-standing appeal of gold and the potential value it can bring to an asset portfolio as more people turn to gold during times of crisis. Read more.
  • A report by Fitch Solutions predicted the global gold production will increase from 106moz to 133moz by 2029, averaging an annual 2.5% growth. Read more.
  • Although gold’s rally has been slowing down in the past month, experts at UBS believe gold’s momentum will continue and suggest that having an allocation of gold is not a bad move. Read more.
  • CPM Group, a commodities consulting firm, discussed their anticipation of gold market gains in the near future and encouraged consumers to not be short on the precious metal right now. Read more.
  • Gold’s recent price action on the market points to the possibility of another rally in the future according to senior technical analyst, Jim Wyckoff. Read more.
  • A fierce debate over the Nebra Sky Disk was reignited by a new study that suggests the famous ancient artifact is 1,000 years younger than previously thought. Read more about this controversial artifact.
  • A medieval silver seal matrix that was discovered in April 2019 is helping historians understand more about women who lived in nobility in England over 700 years ago. Read more.
  • Gold is sometimes referenced as a “safe haven” during times of economic uncertainty. Read more about why gold is sometimes considered a safe haven.
  • Rosland CEO, Marin Aleksov, recently discussed the U.S national debt, gold prices, and how the two are related. Read more.
  • A new exhibition in Dublin’s National Museum of Ireland that contains ancient Viking coins, jewelry, and other artifacts sheds an important light on how Glendalough became the revered spiritual and tourist location it is now. Read more.