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July News Digest

Aug 20, 2020

Here is our July News Digest to help keep you well informed about current events and topics going on around the world and at Rosland Capital.

  • US treasure-hunting company removed 600,000 coins from the wreckage of the 1804 frigate “Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes”. Since then, Spanish archaeologists have recovered thousands more artifacts from the ship’s remains, including silverware, cannons, and several other metal artifacts. Read more.
  • Archaeologists recently uncovered the remains of what may be the oldest Viking settlement in Iceland. The ancient longhouse was hidden beneath a newer longhouse brimming with treasures and is thought to be a house of a chieftain. Among the finds were silver coins, decorative glass beads, and tiny fragments of gold. Read more.
  • Gold, ore, and iron are helping Australia's economy stay afloat amid the COVID-19 crisis, unlike other developed economies. The country's diverse portfolio of commodity exports is showing to be advantageous. Read more.
  • Western world's increase in demand for gold is more than making up for the collapse in demand in Asia. Those in the west are purchasing the precious metal as a potential safeguard against the volatility of the stock market and have managed to keep gold's performance favorable. Read more
  • Amateur metal detector struck gold and found fourteen extremely valuable coins on her first hunt that could be worth thousands of dollars. Read more.
  • Similarities in languages used to describe coins and currency points to a possible trade relationship between Germanic people and the Carthaginian Empire more than 2,000 years ago. Read more
  • With economies reopening around the world market prices of gold and other metals have begun to rise. Read more
  • Two mummies covered in gold leaf were discovered in an ancient temple on the Nile delta and have researchers believing they are one step closer to finding the remains of Cleopatra and her lover Marc Anthony. Read more.
  • Sixteen extremely corroded U.S. pennies were discovered on the floor of the ancient Bottomless Pit in New Mexico. Read more to see what people believe to be the reason the pennies were there.
  • The nationwide shortage of U.S coins during the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for grocery stores to provide change. Read more to see what is causing the shortage.
  • The final resting place of Queen Cleopatra may have been found after the discovery of 200 coins depicting her face and name at an ancient site in Alexandria, Egypt. Read more.
  • Jeweler retired early due to the COVID-19 closures and creates a treasure hunt with his inventory. Couple buries gold, silver, diamonds, rare coins, and jewelry throughout Michigan's peninsulas as a way to have fun and also as their alternative retirement plan. Read more.
  • Gold continues to ascend through the market, and Bloomberg reports that it could potentially reach $2,000 in upcoming weeks. Read more.
  • The London Science Museum is asking for the public's help to identify a few strange artifacts that are made from gold and other materials. Read more.
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