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Rosland Capital limited edition coins join the British Museum collection

Feb 19, 2019
Rosland Capital limited edition coins join the British Museum collection

Formal handover underlines success of partnership with precious metal asset firm

The British Museum has announced the formal handover of a collection of pure gold and silver coins with a strong historical theme. But these aren’t quite the ancient artifacts that one might expect.

The coins are the first range in a very successful partnership between the Museum and a leading precious metal asset firm.

Rosland Capital, based in Los Angeles, and the British Museum came together in 2018 to produce a series of limited-edition coins featuring highlights from among the countless masterpieces in the Museum’s collection, starting with helmets from ancient Greece, Rome, and Anglo-Saxon England.

At a handover on 8 February 2019, Mr Andrew Gledhill, Chief Marketing Officer with Rosland Capital, presented Philip Attwood, Keeper of the Department of Coins and Medals with a set of 0.25 oz 999.9 fine gold coins, which comprise a beautiful classical Greek helmet of Corinthian type in bronze, a Roman gladiator’s helmet and the famous Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo helmet. The British Museum Department of Coins and Medals is home to one of the world's finest numismatic collections, comprising around 870,000 objects. The set of coins will be added to the British Museum collection, as objects in their own right.

Along with this beautiful, limited edition set of 0.25 oz gold coins, also added to the Museum’s collection were 1.5 oz gold and silver coins featuring the Greek helmet of Corinthian type in bronze and a Roman gladiator’s helmet – of which only 250 of each will ever be made. The gold 40mm diameter coin is 999.9 fine gold, while the 50mm silver coin is 999.0 fine silver. All the coins are legal tender and bear a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. These collectors’ items are specially minted as proofs, the highest level of quality, by the world-famous Swiss-based mint, PAMP SA and are available exclusively from Rosland Capital.

The sales of the coins have already exceeded expectations and more sets are planned.

The British Museum’s collection of over 8 million objects spans the history of the world’s cultures. It is an extraordinary record of objects over thousands of years and includes some unequalled sources of iconic imagery that have proven attractive to many potential licensees.

The British Museum is today a sought-after licensing partner with a growing list of licensees. Its licensing program is now a global campaign for a globally recognized institution that regularly tours exhibitions overseas across the world – from the United States and mainland Europe to China and Australia.

In addition, the Museum has successfully launched its licensing campaign into China, establishing a strong online presence in this exciting market and opening pop-up shops in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Mr Andrew Gledhill, Chief Marketing Officer with Rosland, said: “We were delighted to be invited to formally present the fruits of our collaboration with the British Museum to Philip Attwood, an admired art historian and numismatist, whose department is respected around the world. The success of this collaboration is a tribute to the quality of the Museum’s collection which has been a wonderful source of inspiration to our design team.”

Craig Bendle, Manager of Merchandise Licensing, British Museum, added: “Rosland Capital has done a marvelous job of representing our treasures on these highly desirable and collectible limited-edition coins. The success of this collaboration is a tribute both to the quality of our collection and the care, sensitivity and expertise of Rosland Capital. It is no surprise that the coins have already proved enormously popular with collectors in the US and beyond.”