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February 2021 News Digest

Mar 05, 2021
  • In addition to being used to exchange goods, coins of the ancient and medieval worlds were struck with the image of the ruler so that subjects would know what he looked like. This extremely rare 13th century gold coin is considered the first “true” portrait of an English king – and is expected to sell for more than £700,000.
  • Polish Archeologists have uncovered a Roman-era hoard of coins weighing more than 12 pounds! Archeologists believe the coins were dropped by fleeing Vandals. It’s expected to be one of the country’s largest discoveries of its kind.
  • Rosland Capital has recently released its exclusive Arnold Palmer coin. Do you know the story behind his iconic umbrella?
  • A rare New York-style Brasher Doubloon recently sold at auction for $9.36 million! Made in New York in 1787, the auction price tag is the most ever paid for a gold coin at auction.
  • Did the FBI find $400 million worth of Civil War gold from a remote Pennsylvania forest? A Harrisburg lawyer thinks he has a new clue about this mystery that started nearly three years ago?
  • Britain is in the process of revising their Antiquities Law in order to expand definitions and protect more finds of gold and silver. This change comes after a banner year for amateur treasure discoveries — more than 47,000 objects were discovered in 2020.
  • An extremely rare English gold coin fetched and impressive $720,000 at auction. The coin features the likeness of King Henry III and was struck more than 750 years ago
  • Archaeologists in Egypt unearthed a macabre cache of golden-tongued mummies, buried in the Greek and Roman eras. Researchers have confirmed the presence of coins bearing the name and image of Cleopatra VII at the site.
  • Did you know that the UK counts more than 20,000 metal detectorists? These adventurers were responsible for uncovering 96% of the record-breaking 1,300 pieces of treasure found in the UK during 2019!
  • The legendary coins of Italy tell the story of its birth and its history through social turmoil, cultures in conflict, and the emergence of a people.
  • Rosland Capital CEO Marin Aleksov takes a deep dive into the many uses of platinum that account for its continued value as a precious metal.