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June 2022 News Digest

Jun 24, 2022
  • Rosland has a large and growing collection of exclusive “limited edition” coins. Marin Aleksov explains more about what being limited edition means for coin collectors and gold enthusiasts.

  • Platinum is used in everything from jewelry to dental work to cancer treatments. Rosland CEO Marin Aleksov explains more.

  • Many 2022 American Eagle silver coins contain an error! These coins feature a shiny incuse ring near the ring of the coin, which ICG graders say they’ve never seen before on these coins.

  • The Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin displays Canada’s iconic Maple Leaf symbol on one side and the Queen on the other.

  • A one-kilo platinum coin, named the “Ultimate” set a new record for a coin offered at auction in Canada, selling for over $1.2 million CAD.

  • Rosland Capital presents the latest from their British Museum collection: The Knight, celebrating the 67 Lewis Chesspieces.

  • If you’re just starting out in precious metals, you’re probably getting used to a new vocabulary. One of the most important, “spot price”, is especially confusing. Rosland Capital has a guide to calculating and understanding this important metric.

  • In the Middle Ages, there was a period of decline in “real value” of European coinage resulting in large transactions requiring massive amounts of coins. Learn how many kingdoms and states began minting larger value “gross” coins.

  • A prominent collector of Mexican coinage discovered a super rare 1947 silver 50 centavos coin.

  • Before Congress established the US Mint, some individuals began minting their own gold coins. One such individual was a watchmaker and goldsmith named Christian Bechtler.

  • Have you heard of precious metals IRAs? These are specially designed self-directed individual retirement accounts.

  • The US Mint launched the American Platinum Eagle in 1997 and since then has only minted them intermittently. In addition to the metal content, these coins are especially notable for the unique designs of proof coins that are different than the bullion issues.