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Rosland Capital Raises Over $12K for the American Red Cross

Dec 07, 2014

Rosland Capital donated over $12K to the American Red Cross following a month-long promotion in October. Donating $1 for every historic silver peace dollar numismatic coin sold, Rosland was able to raise $12,502 for Red Cross programs that will include those for the armed forces and veterans. The CEO of the Santa Monica Chapter, Julie Thomas, said, "This gift will help the Red Cross provide critical services with a caring touch to men and women in all branches of the United States military, active duty personnel, reservists and members of the National Guard and their families. Thank you, Rosland Capital.” Rosland Capital's CEO, Marin Aleksov added, "The Red Cross has been an ideal partner for our company, as we too share a commitment to helping active military and veterans nationally and in the local Santa Monica community where our company was built."