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Bitcoin vs. Gold: Marin Aleksov Explores the Basics

Mar 07, 2022

Gold vs. Bitcoin It’s time to talk about gold vs. Bitcoin. The rising popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has many people pitting gold and Bitcoin against each other. A host of unfamiliar terms come along when discussing Bitcoin. New te...

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February 2022 News Digest

Feb 15, 2022

A 400-pound, 24-karat gold cube has been erected in New York’s Central Park by the artist Niclas Castello who also plans to launch a new cryptocurrency.A recent survey found that automakers are switching from palladium to platinum for catalytic conve...

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Inflation Calculations and Gold

Feb 10, 2022

It’s not only this writer who is distinctly nervous about the US Federal Reserve Bank’s more aggressive approach to attempt to control inflation. This approach has come after numerous suggestions over a period of months that the problem did not ex...

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Gold Has Stood the Test of Time

Jan 26, 2022

Over the past few weeks and months the gold price has seen several rallies taking it back above the $1,800 level. Each time, to date, it has been unable to hold on to this price improvement. Likewise, silver has hovered above and below the $23 level...

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Bitcoin Volatility and Gold

Dec 15, 2021

Many observers have stated that the seemingly non-ending rise in the value of Bitcoin has diverted a significant amount of investment dollars away from gold as a perhaps better form of wealth protection and accumulation. This is despite gold’s r...

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Gold and Silver Double Whammy

Nov 29, 2021

Just when I’d felt that gold and silver prices were due for a nice upwards surge, they were hit by a double, or even triple, whammy and lost their recent gains. That was until they saw a pick-up in Europe over the US Thanksgiving holiday due to the ...

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Coming Home to Roost: The Fed’s Inflationary Policies

Nov 18, 2021

Whether the current higher inflation levels in the US have been the Federal Reserve Bank’s intended policy all along is perhaps a moot point. We have to assume that although the central bank may have been working towards higher inflation levels, t...

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Is Inflation "Transitory"?

Nov 10, 2021

Transitory is a word that has been forced into everyday usage by its continued utterance by US Federal Bank Chair, Jerome Powell. (The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of the word is: “of brief duration i.e. temporary or tending to pass away. n...

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