On this page you'll see a selection of reviews from satisfied Rosland Capital customers, with links to many more on our Reach150 site. Naturally we're proud of these reviews, our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and our AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. However, no organization is perfect, and we take any complaints very seriously – if you have any issues you'd like to discuss, please email our Chief Compliance Officer at [email protected] and we'll do what we can to help.

Geno R. recommends Heather Ho

If it were not for a well schooled, competent and client oriented company representative I would not deal in investments with any company or individual. In the case of Heather Ho who deals with me representing Rosland Capital, she more than represented all the above.

My thanks to her guidance during some difficult times. Read more

Brian recommends Chase Greenich

Let start out with Chase is a "Professional". That being said he will go the extra mile for you without even being asked. He is very personable along with being highly intelligent. 

For me it was turning in some precious metals to give me some hard currency. This was accomplished on short notice on my part. And without missing a beat, Chase just stepped up to the plate and hits a home run for me. 

He's one of these guys that you wished you could do multiple different businesses with no matter what it may be. He also gives you the sense that what ever you may ask, you are recognized as part of the business at hand. That's a big plus in being a good salesman. And not trying to be high pressured into doing a purchase that your not ready to do.

I will continue to do business in the near future. Read more

Lannie B. recommends Reggie Johnson

We really appreciate how Reggie helped us. We had trouble with the safe.. . It was defective. We called customer service at least 3or4 times still no help, Reggie told them to get a new one out to us asp. We had bought a lot of gold and silver so we were to get a new safe. He was also good to tell us the arrival time so we could be close to home at that time. Reggie was good to work with and we would recommend him to any one. Read more

Jim G. recommends John Koger

John is a great salesperson with the people in mind. I have used him a number of times for purchasing metals and he remembers my likes/dislikes and situations. 

I hope there is no problems with him, I feel that he is of good character and although has stuff to sell, keeps his customer in mind.

You should have high expectations from him and his results. Read more

John C. recommends Heather Ho

Heather Ho, is by far the best and most complete salesperson that I have run into in a long time. She is extremely knowledgeable about precious metals. I have had some dealings, with some other precious metal dealers, and they don't even come close to the class or knowledge of Heather Ho.  Read more

L. Elkington recommends Chase Greenich

Chase Greenich was very professional in all our conversations.
He took time to make sure I fully understood all the phases and forms during the process of rolling over my IRA into metals. Read more.
I knew every step and exactly when my transition was complete.  Read more

P. Coates recommends Heather Ho

I had an old 401k with a former employer that was performing ok but would get the occasional letter from the custodian that sounded as if they may prefer that I rolled it over elsewhere. So I called Rosland as I wanted to diversify my retirement portfolio. To my good fortune I was connected with Heather Ho. I was immediately impressed by Heather's knowledge of precious metals and the market but especially her ability to explain it in terms I could understand.  Read more

Thomas F. recommends Micah Reed

I enjoyed dealing with Micah Reed. I have purchased coins from other companies and most reps try to move my selection of Gold and Silver to other, more profitable items and I immediately hang up and look for a rep that will help me with MY purchase.  Read more

The Bakers recommend Chase Greenich

We called Rosland Capital and were put in touch with Chase Greenich. He was very knowledgeable regarding all potential commodity investments and he remained open to all queries the entire transaction. He followed up on all communications thoroughly and never hesitated to explain in detail. We thank him for his professionalism.  Read more

David H. recommends Heather Ho

I recently bought some coins through Rosland Capital's on line catalog. My next purchase will be through a consultant by phone and in particular Heather Ho. She was able to educate me on the finer nuances of precious metals, recommend the coins that made the most sense for my specific situation, and most importantly, provide me a LIVE personable representative with whom I can always contact and get an immediate or a timely response.  Read more