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Official F1 Gold and silver coin collection debuts at British GP 2016

Rosland Capital Group, a leading precious metal seller, today presented its new collection of gold and silver coins to the Formula 1 community at the 2016 Formula 1 British Grand Prix.

The collection includes a one-quarter ounce special edition British Grand Prix gold coin, a two-and-a-half ounce gold and silver coin, respectively, as well as a spectacular one kilogram gold coin, one of only 15 minted this year.

The limited edition coins, officially launched last month, were introduced at the famous Silverstone circuit to the Formula 1 Paddock via a series of media engagements and a showcase display in the prestigious F1 Paddock Club.

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Motor racing-Formula One coining it in gold and silver

SILVERSTONE, England, July 8 (Reuters) - Commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone has made a mint from Formula One's success over the years and now the sport is literally coining it.

A limited edition 1kg, 24 carat gold Formula One coin was shown to reporters at the British Grand Prix on Friday, along with smaller ones that included a special edition for Silverstone.

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F1 gold coin worth $40,000 launched

Formula 1 fans looking to spend their money can get their hands on the ultimate bit of sporting bling: a new limited-edition 1kg gold coin worth more than $40,000.

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Win an Official F1 Gold Coin Celebrating the British Grand Prix

HERE’S your chance to win an official F1 gold coin celebrating the British Grand Prix.

The quarter ounce gold coin has a portrait of the Queen on the flip-side with the legal tender value of $25.

We’ve also got NINE silver coins to give away with the legal tender value of $5.

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F1 Coins Get Fast and Furious

There’s some good news coming your way if you love fast cars zipping past you or you’re one of those who can skip a weekend party for following a Formula 1 race! On 15th June, officially licensed gold and silver coins by Formula One World Championship Limited will be revealed.

The coins are struck by Swiss-based PAMP S.A and will be available from Rosland Capital Group in the U.S. and U.K, which has been appointed by Stunt & Co. Ltd., the exclusive, worldwide license holder of these coins. 

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Formula 1 coins celebrate fans and 2016 season, available in silver, gold

Rosland Capital Group, a leading precious metal seller, on June 15 will unveil its global distribution of a new collection of gold and silver coins officially licensed by Formula One World Championship Limited.

Minted by Swiss-based PAMP S.A., and created in association with the global license-holders, UK-based Stunt & Co. Ltd., the limited edition, legal tender Proof coin collection will be available from Rosland Capital Group in the United States and United Kingdom.

Stunt & Co. Ltd. holds the exclusive, worldwide license for precious metal coins from Formula One World Championship Ltd. Stunt & Co. Ltd. has appointed Rosland Capital Group as the official, exclusive distributor for these coins.

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