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As we've all seen lately, technology isn't always there for you. ATMs fail. Systems go down. Banks are hacked. Cash even loses value. But one thing has historically stayed steady:

Don't Rely on Banks and Paper Assets.

When systems go down, who knows how long it will take for them to get back online? Take comfort in having a wealth portfolio that is diversified with tangible gold and other precious metals.

Financial markets have been distorted in recent years by the Fed’s massive ‘Quantitative Easing’ programs. Who knows if there will be a major readjustment in stock prices as a result of these volatile programs?

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Don't Let the Nation's Debt Become Your Debt

With some $22 trillion in debt (and growing) hanging over our heads, many people are considering tangible assets.

Gold Wins

Gold can help play a key role in safeguarding you against inflation. Compare the buying power of an ounce of gold today with 100, or even just 20, years ago and you’ll find gold has performed far better than any paper currency. In fact, the dollar’s buying power has declined over the last decade alone by over 25%, while gold has risen in price.

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