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A diverse portfolio is important to securing your wealth and peace of mind.

These upcoming congressional elections may bring big political shifts across the country, which means potential changes in economic and monetary policy that could lead to economic uncertainty.

Consider gold as an asset to help bring stability in this uncertain political and economic climate.

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Why Gold?

The paper dollar continues to weaken and any changes in US leadership could possibly make its decline more severe. Changes in foreign trade policy and domestic entitlement spending could put your paper-backed retirement accounts at risk. Gold, on the other hand, is an asset that has a centuries-long history of holding its value over time. Consider a gold-backed IRA as an alternative to paper- based assets, and as an addition to your asset portfolio.

Gold is not only a valuable asset, it can also provide a long lasting reminder of your legacy and ensure that you help protect your family’s future. The representatives at Rosland can present many options - beautiful pieces made from precious metals that may help preserve your family's wealth while also building a beautiful legacy for future generations.

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We understand your concerns with what the future may hold and can present a range of product options so you can decide what’s best for you.

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