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As far back as the first Egyptian dynasty, gold and silver have been revered for their beauty and intrinsic value. Today, thousands of years later, gold and silver and other precious metals are still trusted choices for protecting your wealth.

As your precious metals resource, Rosland Capital offers everything you need to plan for the future and secure your financial assets with precious metals.

Are you looking to purchase your first bar of gold or silver? Are you shopping for precious coins to add to your collection? Or are you simply curious about the history and mysteries of precious metals?

Whatever your needs, Rosland Capital will:


Educate you about the time-tested value of precious metals and the benefits of having them in your portfolio or collection.

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Offer high-quality customer service and helpful information that puts you at ease, making you feel confident about your choices.


Help you protect your retirement and wealth by introducing you to our precious metals products.

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Gold Kit

Claim Your Free Gold Kit

From fascinating gold coins to diversifying your retirement and asset portfolios with gold, our free kit explains the options you have using gold to safeguard your savings.

Gold-Backed IRA

Consider a Gold-Backed IRA

Through market crises and economic downturns, the value of gold has stood the test of time. Protect your hard-earned savings, no matter the state of world affairs, by including a gold-backed IRA in your portfolio. Other precious metal- backed IRAs are also available. Our specialists can take you through the process of setting up a Gold IRA, or transferring an existing IRA funds to a Gold or Precious Metals IRA.

How to Buy Gold

How to Buy Gold

Gold can be an excellent addition to any portfolio, but how do you go about buying gold? Let the experts at Rosland help you navigate all of your options so you can decide how best to diversify your assets. Start now with our brief guide to getting started.



Rosland Capital Unveils The British Museum Masterpiece Collection Gold & Silver Coins

Leading precious metal asset firm, Rosland Capital, today unveiled its latest coin collection licensed by the British Museum. The series features highlights from among the countless masterpieces in the Museum’s collection, starting with helmets from ancient Greece and Rome, Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon England.

The first coin set, available soon, shows a beautiful, classical Greek helmet of Corinthian type in bronze, dated to around 460BC. The helmet bears an inscription stating that theArgives, inhabitants of Argos, dedicated it toZeus as spoil won in battle from the Corinthians.

This beautiful, limited edition set of 1.5 oz gold and silver coins – of which only 250 of each will ever be offered – is only available from Rosland Capital. The gold 40mm diameter coin is 999.9 fine gold, while the 50mm silver coin is 999.0 fine silver. Both coins are legal tender and bear a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth…

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$1,000 Discount Terms and Conditions

$1000 discount offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
Purchases of metals for inclusion in IRAs do not qualify.
Available only for a limited period.
For new Rosland customers only.
Purchase must be for $20,000 or more.
$1000 will be credited from the customer's invoice by Rosland Capital.

Formula 1 Gold Coin Back

2017 Formula 1® 2.5-oz Gold Coin
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Formula 1 Silver Coin Front

2017 Formula 1® 2.5-oz Silver Coin
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Formula 1 Gold Coin Front

BRITISH GRAND PRIX ™ 1/4-oz Gold Coin
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Gold Liberty Coin Card

Lady Liberty Gold Coin Series
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