Why Buy Gold To Protect Your Retirement?

Now more than ever, experts are encouraging people to buy gold as a key component of their retirement strategy.

Over the last few years, many people have seen their retirement impacted by the economy. Real estate, stocks, bonds, international investments – nearly all markets were affected by the turbulent economic conditions.

If your retirement savings took a hit, then you already understand the frustration.

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Sound familiar?

Gentleman smiling and excited about the opportunity to buy gold on laptop.▶ During the peak of the economic crisis, well-built retirement plans dropped significantly.

▶ Even the “safest” retirement strategies were suddenly deemed risky.

▶ You may have been forced to push back your retirement because of the impact on your own accounts.

▶ Many others must continue working and pushing their retirement back indefinitely.

Millions of people, young and old, faced this same situation, and many are still facing it today.

Even as some markets have regained stability in recent years, many people are still just recouping their losses and getting back on track.

If you weren't affected by the unstable markets, then you're one of the lucky few. Many experts say that the markets could be headed for another drop. Those who buy gold now to diversify their portfolio can help safeguard their savings.
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Key reasons to buy gold now

Today, more people are buying gold coins and using gold-backed IRAs to protect against stock market volatility and decline.

Whether you're on the cusp of retirement, or decades away from it, there's no better time than right now to buy gold as part of your retirement planning strategy.

A counter showing the United States national debt. Here's why:

1. Precious metals, like gold and silver, are liquid assets that are tangible and stable – unlike paper currency, which is only backed by the faith we put into it.

2. Because precious metals are stable liquid assets, they help secure your savings against high-risk investments, like stocks or bonds.

3. Gold has been used as currency for thousands of years, and the value continues to increase. Those who buy gold have seen their net worth rise substantially over the last decade.

4. The value of stocks and bonds can be eaten away by countless factors that are completely out of your control. Gold, however, will never be worthless, which is why it has proved to be a smart choice for those that are focused on making money over the long term.

5. Unlike paper currency, gold is a finite resource. In an unstable economy, the Federal Reserve typically prints more money, lowering the value of the dollar and often causing the Dow to drop. However, this has the inverse effect on gold, which is why precious metals can help protect against inflation.

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Diversify your portfolio

A golden egg amongst regular eggs in basket representing metaphor of buying gold.Any financial advisor will tell you that diversification is absolutely crucial to protecting and growing your retirement savings.

Even if you are investing in several different mutual funds, you may be putting all your eggs in one big basket of stocks. Even a slight economic downturn could cause the majority of stocks within those funds to tumble, effectively erasing a sizable chunk of your savings.

When you buy gold, you not only diversify your portfolio, but also add a level of stability and security that you simply don't get with higher-risk options like stocks and bonds.

Before you buy gold, make an informed decision

Each person's retirement strategy is unique to their individual situation and financial goals.

Fine gold coins and bullion on black fleece cloth.  As with any investment, you should evaluate your options carefully and speak to a precious metals specialist who can guide you in the right direction.

As a leading precious metal asset firm, Rosland Capital can help you make an informed decision. From numismatic and bullion coins to gold-backed IRAs, we can help you identify the right choice for your goals.

We firmly believe that the only way to guarantee you’ll be completely comfortable with your decision is to make sure that you’re fully informed.
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Speak to a representative today

Contact Rosland Capital today to learn more on how you can buy gold (More News) to help you diversify your savings and protect your IRA.

Rosland Capital Spokesman William Devane showing how competitive buying gold can be. Our representatives will speak with you to explain a number of different options and how they can help meet your specific needs and goals. We'll walk you through the entire process, and we're happy to answer any questions you have – so don't hesitate to ask.

We'll also send you more information, so that you can take the time to carefully consider your options after speaking with us.

At Rosland Capital, earning your trust is always more important to us than earning a profit. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, and we work hard to ensure the satisfaction of every single customer.

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